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  • Does EverRealty offer only Long Term Rentals property management service for absentee owners?
    Yes, we do not offer property management services for short term rentals.
  • Is the property management service for absentee owners really all-included?
    Yes, our service is completely and fully integrated and takes care of everything related to you properties.
  • What is the price of EverRealty's Property Management Service?
    Because the price varies depending on type of product, location and amount of units; we kindly ask you to please submit our form to Get a Quote in 24-48 hours by providing us with these details.
  • Are there any hidden fees in EverRealty's contract?
    No, we only charge what we tell you and that includes EVERYTHING, which means there will not be any on-top fees for any matter that'll need to be handled in regards to your Property.
  • Does EverRealty offer commercial property management services?
    Our main focus is Property Management for residential assets such as Multi-Family, Condominiums, Condo Bulks and Single Family Homes. However, there might be some exceptions depending on the type of product and location in which we might be able to assist.
  • If I currently have a Contract with another Property Manager, can EverRealty assist me with the transition?
    Yes, you can send us your current Contract and we'll take a look at it for your to see if there are any penalties for early termination and to see how we can help. Please remember, this not actually part of our job and we're not attorneys so nothing we communicate to you shall be considered as legal advise. It is only a mere courtesy to assist you.
  • If I have a Tenant who stopped paying, can EverRealty handle it?
    Yes, once you're onboard with us, our Contract allows us to negotiate with the Tenant, try to help them to relocate and ultimately, if there is no other alternative, to undertake the eviction process on your behalf.
  • Does EverRealty only offer Property Management Services in the Orlando area?
    No, we can also reach (depending on product, location and amount of units) to the following areas: Kissimmee, Broward, West Palm Beach and Miami-Dade Counties. To make inquiries please contact us directly to any of our communication channels including: Whatsapp, Email or Phone call.
  • If I sign up with EverRealty, will I have online access to my properties accounts?
    Yes, you'll get your own Login where you'll be able to see all of the details, contracts and accounting of your Property.
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