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Our History

Meet Our History

Get to Know Us -
Family Owned Property Management Company

Hello and thank you for taking a moment to read our story. EverRealty Property Management Orlando is a Family Owned Company funded by the brothers Roberto & Luciano De Jesus along with their cousin and COO, Pasquale Cifelli; two immigrants, sons of an Italian mother and Portuguese father decided to take over Orlando Property Management with the best-in-class Service.

Actual Events

It all started back when I (Luciano De Jesus) was 18 years old before I became an attorney when I started to supervise a couple of condo bulks at The Greens Condominiums next to the Millenia Mall here in Orlando, soon to realize something was off with the then property manager; long story short, he was charging repairs that were being made on his own units and so, with the help of an attorney, she helped us to get rid of him. After that show, we moved on to the next property manager who seemed at the time, honest, but it ended up being a scam again and charging penalties even though we notified him, by some legal loophole. So after taking 2 shots over the course of several years I had then become an attorney and, actually took the only Masters in Law in Real Property Development in the whole State of Florida at the University of Miami and along with my brother Roberto, who by the time was already a Real Estate Broker and Certified General Contractor, were more than ready to take over control so, we decided to fund a Property Management company based in honesty, technology and the most important thing in this business, Service. 

Today, we manage many units in the area and more coming up, currently under construction, in projects of our own and other fellow developers. 

Property Management Service

The best property manager in the area of Orlando provides the following services (all-included) to our Clients with our long term rentals property management service:

We offer an elite, all-included, first-class Property Management Service with everything I ever dreamed at the most reasonable price and with absolutely no hidden fees


First and foremost we have an unbeatable Marketing Strategy that allows us to syndicate the property listing through several websites and because we’re licensed agents also through the MLS along with lots of localized marketing materials distribution to then, start off with the Tenant Screening to make sure we get the best Tenants we can find right after checking their background, eviction and credit history


Second, we make sure they sign an updated Lease Agreement approved by the Florida Bar with 8-11 extra clauses written by me that provide extra security for everyone. 


Now, once the Tenants are in their units they always have access to their own account not only to make payments, but they can also submit any requests they may have and will be attended as soon as possible by one of our staff members. 


We make sure to attend and serve both, Landlords and Tenants at all times by providing 24/7/365 Repairs and all-time access to our software. Not only we do move-in and move-out inspections, but also every single repair goes into the system with the invoice and photos in most cases allowing Landlords to check their real estate portfolios at all times and to have their accounting updated every month so at the end of the year a full report can be send to their accountants to quickly and easily make tax returns. 

We offer Multifamily property management, single family homes property management, townhouses property management, condominiums property management and buildings property management services.


Finally and inevitably, there’s a small percentage (currently estimated below 5% in ours) of tenants that will not be able to continue to make payments. in this event, we have developed an strategy to help both, Landlord and Tenant, by providing tenant with our help and an option to relocate while we keep Landlord’s investment covering expenses allowed by Florida law from the security deposit to finally place a New Tenant as soon as possible to maintain the cash flow of their properties coming up. Furthermore, we have an incredible average of $350-$450 and 33 days Eviction process in the events that Tenants don’t want to cooperate. 


If you have read up until this point; first, thank you for your interest and second, allow me to remind you that it is our most honest intention to better serve you in your Tenant-Landlord relationship.



Luciano De Jesus, VP & Co-funder.

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Our Principal Team

Hard Work. Expertise. Passion.

Get to know the people behind the scenes where the actual day-to-day happens to keep your properties up and running to their best performance so you can get the best property performance for the best possible Return On Investment

without all the hustle.

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