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Balancing Tenants repairs wishes and owner’s objectives.

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

One of the most difficult tasks for a Property Manager of Absentee Owners Properties is to balance the Tenants needs with the Owner’s financial objective.

Sometimes is difficult to discern if a repair should be done with a standard quality or actually do something more expensive but obviously more durable. Every investor/owner perspective is valid when financial objectives are clear and important.

Property Management Company for Absentee Owners

The only thing I truly believe is crucial to meet Owners and Tenants needs, is an amazing team of Contractors and Sub-Contractors able to adapt to every criteria and budget. I also believe that along the years this is something we’ve built and definitely one of our strengths. For us our reputation with several contractors and subcontractors who have placed their trust in our ability to be financially efficient and to support each other, precedes.

Sometimes Owner education about construction and renovations makes the process easier and smooth; remember, knowledge is power! We are very committed to deliver high quality renovations and repairs with professionalism, since the supervision of each job is done by an engineer / certified general contractor we have in house (me!) and the most professional and experienced person I’ve ever met in my life: Pasquale, with 6 years of experience in construction and AC installation and maintenance.

For Owners is important to remember that a happy tenant is a happy cash flow so, sometimes spending a little extra means a steady and peaceful cash flow.

Finally, every case is different and with all our clients we will always present alternatives and discuss the options and recommendations, that’s something you can count on.


Roberto De Jesus



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